Tools and Strategies to Start, Run and
Grow Your Business Online.

We want you to understand that Essential Marketing & Income Building Tools and Strategies is not just a book discussing marketing on the Web. It is much, much more, focusing on specific methods, tips and strategies to not only create your own unique niche, but to monopolize on that niche by reaching the right people. We are going to tell you exactly how you can harness the power of social networks and other online channels to do just that!

To gain a top marketing position and remain there, it is essential that the focus be narrow and the commitment to be best be determined. Without this approach, focus can become too broad and it becomes easy to spend time and money on too many things, none of which will provide the competitive edge the business needs to survive. By creating a niche market focus, not only does a business define a place for itself and its products and services, but it is enabled to take advantage of an existing market for that niche

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